Bloggin’: One Piece, MegaTen IV, and NiGHTS

Hello all! I decided that maybe I should do more daily posts, whether they are personal, reviews, or any other form of writing. You may see a lot of these type if I manage to keep up with this on at least a weekly basis. We’ll see. Now, onto the bloggin’.

As some of you may remember, Toonami made it’s return more than a year ago and has been steadily running every week without a hitch. Although I’m not really a fan of what shows they run, or the “watch one episode a week” thing, I’m glad to see it back. I decided to tune in yesterday at 2 o’ clock to watch an episode of One Piece. I have been slowly trying to get current with the anime, although that endeavor has been on hold for a year now. Well, until now. This morning I watched another five. It’s the one long running shounen anime I enjoy. Glad I turned it on last night.  I kinda regret staying up until 3 watching bad anime though. I mean, Soul Eater isn’t that bad, but then Sword Art came on and…ugh.

I’ve also been reaching the end of Shin Megami Tensei IV on my 3DS. If it was possible, I would have liked to go down the neutral route, but it seemed like there was no way it would happen. Accepting this fact I began heading down the path of chaos…that is, until the game told me “What? You’re not evil. Get out.” Then I was thrust into neutral locked route. I suppose I was more law then chaos, and the choice put me on the path I wanted from the start. So that was pretty rad. Until the game told me to take care of around 15 bothersome sidequests to progress. Not only did I have to do a bunch of sidequests, but the game didn’t tell me which ones. So it was off to the internet! After slowly completing the quests, and wasting four hours on one I didn’t need to do, I am now progressing through Purgatorium. Then I’ll be off to hell or something. Fun stuff.

Oh, and on Friday night, part of my dream had me playing Saturn NiGHTS. Upon awaking I decided I wanted to play it, but psssh, I wasn’t spending $10 on the download one. Instead I settled for the Wii sequel, which I acquired for $2. Good deal. Maybe I’ll tell you if it’s really bad when I finally get the chance to play it. For now I’m gonna finish SMTIV, then move onto Tales of Xillia and Dragon’s Crown.

And that’s my weekend! Well, I also played Dokapon Kingdom with friends and watched Tokyo Godfathers, but that wasn’t on my mental list of stuff I felt like bloggin’ about. So that is all! Until next time.


Anime and High School


If you weren’t aware, I’m 17 and going to be starting 12th grade this September. I have also been watching anime since I was a wee boy. I became more active with it once I reached 8th grade. Now let me get to my point.

I would watch anime like Shakugan no Shana and compare myself to how old they were. As fictional characters they were older than me! Same with Persona and other stuff I was watching/playing at the time. Although now, I am either as old, or older than all of these high school characters! It’s so weird.

I still play Persona from time to time, and now I’m older than most of the characters! I got older than them, as they remained the same. (I mean unless we consider persona 4 arena and and and) AHEM. Anyway, now I’m able to relate to a lot of the struggles these characters have. Mainly concerning college, motivation, dreams, finding the path we truly want to lead and other big kid life talks. I have the general idea, but I’m still struggling to find where exactly I belong. What’s really interesting, is how much anime has legitimately made an impact/helped me indirectly. And I mean overall, relating these characters on as simple of a level as just being the same age, or doing similar stuff comes to mind as well.

Then I start thinking, “What happens when I get older? Will I be able to relate and enjoy such anime if I’m not in high school or college?” Maybe I will, maybe I won’t. Even anime set in one place can offer many different views and events, even if it’s just a bunch of high school kids. I won’t deny, it’ll definitely make me feel weird and probably old. That’s the fun of it though, going in for the bittersweet nostalgia. Hopefully by then I can say I’m having even more fun than I did when I was their age. But hey, I’m only 17, I got a ways to go and a heck of a lot of work to do.

Credits to HidaSketchx365 Episode 9 2nd half, for prompting me to feel like writing this. HidaSketch makes me do feel like doing stuff like this sometimes. I thank it for that. Maybe I’ll write about it another time. Maybe.

Anyway! Hope this was coherent for something I just spontaneously wrote at 3:30 in the morning. Goodnight!